11-2-96 - Coral Sky Amphitheater - West Palm Beach, FL.

This whole show was released officially by the band, purchase it here.

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1991-07-14 (Townshend, VT - Townshend Family Park)

Date: 7-14-91

Location: Townshend Family Park - Townshend, Vermont
Set Placement: set 3 of 3 (set closer)
Time: 10:30
Section A: 2:23
Section B: 3:22
Section C: 4:45
My Rating (out of 5): 4.5

Notes: The whole band plays a few lines of the Final Jeopardy theme near the beginning of section C.  It’s hard to tell which member initiates the tease as each member seems to pick up on it so quickly that I almost wonder if it was discussed beforehand.  This is the best Hood over a several month period not because of the brief Jeopardy reference and certainly not because section C explores uncharted territory but because Trey absolutely shreds this solo, you know, like a Guitar God tends to do every now and again.

Outside Review: by Matt Laurence on Phish.net:

This is no ordinary park, mind you, but a lush green bowl of trees and sunshine and water and vast plains of greenly stretching lawn with a well-secluded miniature-golf course hidden right in behind where the stage was located.  I had heard tell of rain all weekend, and that’s what I expected. It rained everywhere else in the world on Sunday. The universe was gray…except for Townshend, VT, where the clouds parted and vanished altogether, leaving the undulating, sweaty, joyous crowd dancing, singing, and basking in the glorious heat of the day. All around on a plain of grassy wilderness were hundreds and hundreds of people doing all those things that people do when placed in a setting of ultimate perfection, just before the purpose for existing in that moment becomes fully clear.

10-21-95 - Part 2 (Pershing Auditorium - Lincoln, NE.)

For Part 1, click here.

10-21-95 - Part 1 (Pershing Auditorium - Lincoln, NE.)

For Part 2, click here.

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Date: 5-17-91

Location: Campus Club - Providence, Rhode Island
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 10:48
Section A: 2:21
Section B: 3:19
Section C: 5:08
My Rating (out of 5): 3.75

Notes: Although the boys had settled into a rather “cookie-cutter” approach to Hood around this time (compare recent section timings), this was the tune’s debut in Rhode Island, and you can feel the energy in the crowd on this night (even through the heavy generational hiss of this recording).  Page shines throughout (not surprising— it was his birthday) and Trey’s solo seems perhaps a tad more inspired than some of the versions played earlier in ‘91.

Side note: Carl “Gears” Gerhard played trumpet on various songs throughout the night, though not on Hood, which leaves this version as the only Hood with horns.

Outside Review: by John on Phish.net:

This show was before the Campus Club was renovated, and it was easily 95 - 100 degrees in that place. People were dumping pitchers of water over their heads!! The power went out during the first song (Chalkdust), and everyone [k]new we were in for a great show.

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1991-05-10 (Colby College - Waterville, ME)

Date: 5-10-91

Location: Page Commons Room - Student Center - Colby College - Waterville, Maine
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 11:22
Section A: 2:27
Section B: 3:27
Section C: 5:28
My Rating (out of 5): 3.75

Notes: Standard mid-‘91 Hood. Nothing more, nothing less.

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1991-05-04 (Somerville, MA - Somerville Theater)

Date: 5-4-91

Location: Somerville Theatre - Somerville, Massachusetts
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 10:41
Section A: 2:21
Section B: 3:19
Section C: 5:01
My Rating (out of 5): 2.75

Notes: A rather subdued version all in all, and though Trey eventually kicks the jam into gear, this Hood just never seems to reach its potential.  It seems clear to me that at this point in Hood’s evolution, it’s primed for another shift in focus.

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1991-04-26 (Plymouth, NH - Plymouth State College)

Date: 4-26-91

Location: Hartman Union Activities Center - Plymouth State University - Plymouth, New Hampshire
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 11:35
Section A: 2:27
Section B: 3:28
Section C: 5:40
My Rating (out of 5): 4.25

Notes: The empty space and laid back feel of the intro contribute greatly to the overall success of this Hood.  Not as aggressive nor as slick as some Hoods, but  laid back in the pocket is just where it’s at sometimes.  In section C, Trey jumps on board Fishman’s beat to ignite the spirited crowd into a frenzy for the climax of the jam.

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1991-05-02 The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

Date: 5-2-91

Location: The Chance - Poughkeepsie, New York
Set Placement: encore
Time: 10:48
Section A: 1:58
Section B: 3:26
Section C: 5:24
My Rating (out of 5): 3.75

Notes: A solid no-frills standard early 90s Hood.

Side note: Trey explains the Hood encore a few seconds after:

"Thank you very much.  I just wanted to say that song… we wanted to play that umm… it may sound a little tongue in cheek but that was dedicated to the Vermont dairy farmers who are protesting Harry Hood… [inaudible]… a little tongue-in-cheek, still a great song but we [inaudible]… hopefully Hood will change its process [?] now… thank you very much."

Outside Review: by Phil Nazarro on Phish.net:

Speaking of “Hood”s, that’s what the encore was, I believe by request. There were many people screaming what I thought was “hairy” when Phish came back onstage (not only did I not have many tapes then, but Harry was relatively rare). So Trey did a little speech that was lost on me, concerning the Vermont Dairy Farmers. And away we went….
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1991-04-19 Nietzsche's, Buffalo, NY

Date: 4-19-91

Location: Nietzsche’s - Buffalo, New York
Set Placement: set 2 of 2 (set opener)
Time: 10:11
Section A: 2:05
Section B: 3:23
Section C: 4:43
My Rating (out of 5): 3

Notes: The shortest Hood in about four years, lending support to the theory that Hood’s ideal placement comes near or at the end of a set, not at or near the beginning of one.  If this version suffers from something, it’s merely it’s place in the show. The jam at times represents everything that’s great about this band, and for that I have a hard time rating it only a *3*, but at the end of the day it wasn’t even a set highlight most likely for those in attendance this night in upstate NY, let alone a version that can stand amongst the classic Hoods.

Side note: Before the opening notes, Trey and Page announce to those in attendance that George Foreman had lost his title bout that night to Evander Holyfield.

Trey: “Well I regret to say that George Foreman failed to win the bout tonight… very, very upset about that.”
Page: “He went all twelve.”
Trey: “He went all twelve rounds and uh… he’s still my hero…”
Page?: <says something about the name George, can’t quite make it out>
Trey: “He almost knocked him out in the seventh round.”

Outside Review: by oongowa on Phish.net.

The door guy who worked this show said that this was the MOST packed the Nietzche’s had ever been. He said that people started showing up very early and there was a line down the block. My guess is that Nietzche’s can hold about 350-400 people at full capacity. Would have been a great place to see them if you could have gotten close to the stage. STILL is a great place to see a show. As per Nietzche’s tradition, whenever a band plays there, they sign their names on the ceiling. If you enter the bar and head to the right by the piano and look up you’ll see where Phish signed. Well, a good amount of it since they covered some of it up when they installed air conditioning!!! Everyone signed their names, Trey wrote “The Gauze Lives!” and someone (Mike?) drew a little guys head.