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Date: 10-30-85

Location: Hunt’s - Burlington, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 1 of 1 (set opener)
Time: 11:20
Section A: 2:14
Section B: 6:09
Section C: 2:57
My Rating (out of 5): 1.5

Notes: This is the debut performance of the song.  Trey introduces the song in the intro, saying: “welcome to Hunt’s everybody… we hope you’re ready to dance. We’re Phish… we’re gonna start out right now with a song you haven’t heard yet… and this one is the story of the man that lives directly across the street from us right now: Harry Hood.”

This version— as debut performances often go— is only a shell of what it would soon become.  Aside from the somewhat sloppy play (especially in the composed Section B), the boys are clearly still trying to figure out what this song is all about.  In fact, they were still trying to figure out what they were all about as this is from a time where founding member Jeff Holdsworth was still part of the band on guitar.

All of that aside, I get a decent amount of enjoyment listening to it knowing the place in Phish history that it represents.

Outside Review: SlavePhan posted the following on Phish.net:

The version has some the same ‘general’ structure as today. Page is pretty quiet throughout the mix and hasn’t really written his parts into the song yet. Particularly, the building ‘one-two-three’ section is intact, but the Trey solo-breakdown after that is without a Trey solo, has Jeff playing a lower-toned solo (or maybe that’s trey with a weird pedal), and lasts several measures longer than today. It stretches on quite long, but eventally makes it to the start and stop section. The Jam on this version is quite noisy because there are so many voices in the band and there is no ending solo. At the end, Mike says “one day they will pay us to do that, I know it”, which is funny in retrospect.

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