10 plays
1986-10-15 (Burlington, VT - Hunts)

Date: 10-15-86

Location: Hunt’s - Burlington, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 2 of 2 (set closer)
Time: 9:03
Section A: 1:47
Section B: 3:29
Section C: 3:47
My Rating (out of 5): 3.5

Notes: The first Hood played without Jeff Holdsworth is, without a doubt, the best of the first three performances of the tune.  Most notably the composed Section B has rounded into form, and has remained virtually the same ever since for a reason.

Page adds much more color than he had previously in Section C, but perhaps that is just because he is placed in the right spot in the sound mix, thanks to the first show featuring long time soundman, Mr. Paul Languedoc.

The jam is nice and strong, though still not nearly as exploratory as later versions.  I think it is safe to say though that the band, especially Trey, have a firm grasp on the direction this song can go.

Also of note is the placement of the song for the first time as the second set closer, a position in the show where Hood has come to spend the most time over the years and just seems to feel right.

Outside Review: by Charlie Dirksen:

This appears to be Paul’s first show (some tapes label this as 4/20/87, which Shelly thinks is probably wrong).  The Harry leaps instantly out of Have Mercy, but doesn’t segue, unfortunately.  BTW, the opening drums that Fish plays to start Harry off are different in these old versions than they are today (same idea, though.. no big deal! ;).  The opening segment sounds a hell of a lot more refined than The First Harry, but is certainly not as perky and confident as the versions of today (for obvious reasons). The “Thank you Mr. Minor” lines crack me up in this version, though, because they are a far cry from the evil lines they’ve been recently.  The jam segment comes in around 5:23 or so, and contains heavy jamming from everyone right off the bat (not the usual Trey-led approach).  The beat kind of picks up a bit after a min or so, as well, which is unusual.  There is a build in here, but nothing even close to the builds of the 90s… too rushed and quick, with fiery licks spat out, almost, from Trey (and everyone, really).  Very fast jam segment.. Fish definitely picks up the beat dramatically. By 7:30 they are really wailing away — all of them.  I’ll be surprised if this version makes it much past the 10 min point at this rate.  Trey’s jamming is really impressive, though…  It is not at all complex, as he’d be the first to admit (he probably laughs at this stuff, now!), but it is obviously soul-driven. The Feel Good about Hood lines come in around 8:30, after the jam lost a bit of steam (not a good climax).  Ends at 9 minutes.