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1987-02-13 (Johnson, VT - Johnson State College)

Date: 2-13-87

Location: Johnson State College - Johnson, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 1 of 1
Time: 9:22
Section A: 2:18
Section B: 3:12
Section C: 3:52
My Rating (out of 5): 3.5

Notes: The band does some of their first real experimentation— albeit very brief— in Section A (mostly by Page).  This version does not vary too much from the Halloween ‘86 offering.  The Section C jam, however, starts off even more subtly than it did a few months before, while ending just as triumphantly.

Apparently The Dude of Life shares some vocal duties on this version, but I am unable to decipher exactly where as this clip suffers from lackluster sound quality, to say the least.  It is— from what I gather— the best source available to us.  Personally, I’m just happy recordings even exist from these early days of Phish (and thankful as well that sights like phishows.com exist for us to find the rare recordings like this one!).

Outside Review: Chris Gilbert in The Pharmer’s Almanac:

Phish was getting lighter and tighter by now… especially the end of Hood.