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1987-05-20 (South Burlington, VT - The Ranch)

Date: 5-20-87

Location: The Ranch - South Burlington, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 1 of 2
Time: 7:52*
Section A: 2:00
Section B: 3:26
Section C: 2:26*
My Rating (out of 5): 3.5

* this recording cuts off the end of the song but it presumably is not more than 1:00 as Trey has appeared to have begun the final refrain of the jam just before the “you can feel good…” part.  However, I do not use any of its timings for historical statistical purposes because of the missing piece.

Notes:  It’s a solid version.  The song definitely has its identity at this point but nothing particularly sets it apart from other versions from this era.

Video: Here