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1988-01-27 (Waitsfield, VT - Gallagher's)

Date: 1-27-88

Location: Gallagher’s - Waitsfield, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 3 of 3 (show closer)
Time: 11:42
Section A: 1:58
Section B: 3:24
Section C: 6:20
My Rating (out of 5): 4

Notes:  The first Harry Hood of 1988 features a very short section A, a slightly sloppy but routine section B and an epic section C that rivals the Ian’s Farm version.

Also of note is the fact that this Hood finds itself as the final song of the final set for the first time in its relatively short lifetime, a spot where the tune probably feels most at home.

I can only assume that every time the band played to a new crowd (this was the band’s first show in the small town of Waitsfield), they felt particularly inspired to show off all of their original material.