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1988-02-08 (Burlington, VT - Nectar's)

Date: 2-8-88

Location: Nectar’s - Burlington, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 3 of 3
Time: 14:04
Section A: 3:34
Section B: 3:24
Section C: 7:06 
My Rating (out of 5): 4.5

Notes:  Though this is the first Harry Hood played at Phish’s true home court that I can find a recording of, we know that at least one other performance of the tune was played here prior to this version (8-9-87).

Regardless of its place in Nectar’s lore, what a glorious Hood it is! Trey’s solo rises again and again over the final three minutes almost to the point of ridiculousness. 

Page is also particularly “on” as he drives the multiple crescendo-filled ending back to earth just before they belt out the “you can feel good…” refrain.

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