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1988-02-24 (Waitsfield, VT - Gallagher's)

Date: 2-24-88

Location: Gallagher’s - Waitsfield, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 2 of ?
Time: 12:52
Section A: 2:28
Section B: 3:32
Section C: 6:52
My Rating (out of 5): 3

Notes:  For the first time since perhaps the first two performances of Hood, the band seems to just be going through the motions here.  It’s not as sloppy or undeveloped as those early renditions, but compared to the tasty treat that the song has become at this point in early ‘88, this is a rather uninspired take.  Perhaps the band was just feeding off the crowd energy which seems a little low (being able to gauge crowd energy is one of the coolest aspect of audience recordings, in my opinion) here.  In fact, you can clearly hear one audience member gripe “no more reggae!” during the opening notes of section A.  It carries over into section C, as the jam never seems to build the steam that had become so standard.