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1988-03-11 (Johnson, VT - Johnson State College)

Date: 3-11-88

Location: The Base Lodge - Johnson State College - Johnson, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 2 of 2
Time:  12:32
Section A: 2:05
Section B: 3:20
Section C: 7:07
My Rating (out of 5): 3.5

Notes:  An adventurous section A often leads to an epic Harry Hood.  This isn’t to say that all epic Hoods must have at least a few surprises in store in the intro but it never seems to hurt. 

In late ‘87/early ‘88, Phish had settled into a rather routine-ish section A.  This version is no exception.  But the section C jam here is solid after a slow build and features some gentle exploration and spirited cohesion amongst the foursome.

Outside Review: Chris Spranka from The Pharmer’s Almanac:

"There are quite a few exciting aspects to this show… Slave, Corrina, and Hood are all played with raw emotion."