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1988-07-23 (Unbderhill, VT - Peter Danforth's House)

Date: 7-23-88

Location: Pete’s Phabulous Phish Phest - Pete Danforth's House - Underhill, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 3 of 3
Time:  13:34
Section A: 1:53
Section B: 3:27
Section C: 8:14
My Rating (out of 5): 4.5

Notes:  For reasons unknown, Phish put Hood on the shelf for three months in the middle of 1988.  Its appearance at this show for the first time in 29 shows would end up being the third longest show gap in the history of Hood.

The song benefits from a fresh vibe after the brief hiatus and the band performs— in my opinion— the best rendition since Ian’s Farm in ‘87.  The intro (seems like the first few seconds may be missing here) is fairly standard, with perhaps a little more reverb and/or echo on Fish’s snare, giving it even more of a dub-style feel than normal.

Section C is epic.  As with many of these early recordings, it takes a little work to hear the music and not all of the hiss and distortion caused by presumably numerous cassette generations, but if you can manage to do so, you will find some beautiful musicianship and cohesiveness where the four truly become one.

Side note: Mike (or is it Trey?) says “thanks a lot Mr. Miner” instead of “thank you Mr. Miner” in Section B.