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1988-08-13 (Burlington, VT - The Font)

Date: 8-13-88

Location: The Front - Burlington, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 2 of ?
Time: 12:49
Section A: 2:45
Section B: 3:27
Section C: 6:50
My Rating (out of 5): 4.75

Notes:  Coming home from the 7-show stand in Colorado (plus one more for good measure in Pennsylvania), the band was brimming with confidence.  With the confidence boost came an increase in notoriety, and with that came an increase in local attention the band was now receiving in Vermont, especially in the Burlington area where the band had, by this time, outgrown the friendly confines of Nectar’s and from this point until early ‘91 would call The Front their local stomping grounds.

What a killer version of Hood those folks got that night in Burlington.  The intro is a little funkier than it had been in the past with Page adding some timely organ fills in section A.  Trey absolutely shreds the solo in section C.  To me, this is the best version of the song that had been played to this date.  I’m gonna sell it just short of a perfect rating, but we’re splitting hairs here— sit back and enjoy early Phish at their best.

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