10 plays

Date: 10-29-88

Location: Sculpture Room - Goddard College - Plainfield, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 1 of 3 (set closer)
Time: 11:27
Section A: 1:48
Section B: 3:32
Section C:  6:07
My Rating (out of 5): 4.25

Notes:  The costume contest that takes place before this version of Hood is a classic Phish moment (I included it here in this audio clip for your pleasure).  All the people who dressed as Phish song characters made it on stage and the crowd voted Harry Hood the winner (The Lizard was runner up and was awarded a date with Fish).

Presumably the award for winning was getting to hear the song that your character represents as the band breaks into a classic Hood.  The intro is short and sweet; it isn’t until section C that this Hood shines.  Not the highest reaching Hood and not the longest either (in fact what would prove to be the last Hood of the year is also the shortest), yet— and perhaps it’s Trey’s noodling to start off section C that gets me— I still love it.

Outside Review: by Zachary, from Phish.net’s fan review archive:

So, my timing starts after Trey announces that all of the costume finalists (and maybe even the Makisupa Policeman) would make it on the album cover (Junta). Look and you will find them there… I think. I’m too lazy to go check right now… especially when I have a Harry to review :-) 0:00 - Page is active in this intro! 0:16 - Note sustained from Trey, soloing over it by Page. 0:25 - All Page. 0:45 - Page climbing the scales, Trey fucking around. 0:58 - Odd tempo from Trey and Page, leading into… 1:10 - Harry verse. Wow, that was a _short_ intro. Maybe I should have included the part while Trey was talking ;-) I guess _they_ considered it part of this version. 1:42 - Composed section. More nice work from Page. Definitely more Page than in any Harry I’ve heard before this one. Not as much Mike though, so far. 3:50 - Slight flub from Trey, I think he was intimidated by Page’s playing in this version ;-) 4:10 - Heavy metal Mr. Minor. Trey’s tone actually justifies the heavy metal description this time. 4:50 - …Thank you Mr. Hoooood. Trey gives a little feedback during this last line. 5:00 - Jam section. 5:20 - Trey jumps right in here playing that oh-so-familiar Harry jam theme that I mentioned in my last review at around 5:45. From now on I’m going to call this: Milk From The Carton. ;-) Seriously, I think I’ll call it that, as long as Benjy doesn’t think I’m making fun of him. We did go to elementary school together, so I think he’ll understand. :-) You might want to listen to a Harry that I’ve reviewed in order to hear what Milk From The Carton sounds like. I didn’t even realize that Trey used a similar jam theme in Harrys until I started these reviews, so I’d be surprised if you knew what I’m talking about. So, to hear the newly dubbed Milk From The Carton, either check out around 5:45 of this version, around 10:30 in 8/21/87 (I didn’t mention it in that review because I didn’t realize it was an oft played “theme”), or around 11:30 in 8/29/87. That is, if you care ;-) 6:20 - Nice soloing low on the ‘doc from Trey. Fishman has got a really fast rhythm going on the hi-hat. 6:45 - Trey’s starting to build… 7:00 - Trey’s dominating this one and it sounds GREAT! Page is playing underneath him, but not _jamming_. Mike is mainly supporting here, as usual. 7:30 - Allmans-esque soloing from Trey. Very cool. I like it. 7:45 - A slight tension build from Trey and then RELEASE at 7:50. Now Trey is soaring! Majestic. 8:10 - Trey’s teasing the final run into “You can feel good” but definitely not playing it. 8:36 - YES! Release! Trey’s a rock star! He’s playing a machine-gun solo high on the ‘doc. This is truly another gear here! The first Harry to reach this gear too. Really the “gear” is mainly Trey (hell, Harry jams at his point are mainly Trey), but for some reason he hadn’t busted it out to this point that I’ve heard. 9:00 - Bowie-esque fifths. Hot, hot, hot. Trey is playing so goddamn fast! 9:18 - More than a tease of the You Can Feel Good theme, but they don’t go into the ending. Trey continues to wail! I love this jam! 9:55 - Can Trey play any higher? 10:08 - Going into the final verse, but Trey is still playing HARD… 10:24 - You can feel good… I FEEL GOOD! Damn right I do. Total time = 10:52 Grade: C+/B-. As you can tell, I LOVE this jam section. Trey is definitely soloing harder than in the ALO version, but I rate it below because there’s less from the other band members, the intro. isn’t nearly as cool, and there’s no false ending. If you’re into great machine gun Trey (as I am) get this version! One note about my grading, I have a feeling I may be grading a little low, but because I’m starting from the beginning and working forward, I think it only makes sense to leave room for the Harrys to improve. I may do some regrading after I’ve got a bunch of these under my belt and I’ve gained some Harry perspective.