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Date: 2-6-89

Location: The Front - Burlington, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 3 of 3
Time: 10:20
Section A: 2:18 
Section B: 3:06
Section C:  4:56
My Rating (out of 5): 3.75

Notes:  Section A offers some interesting interplay, for sure.  Section B comes in as the shortest played to this point as the entire pace of this Hood seems just a touch faster than any that came before it.  Section C clocks in at under five minutes for the first time in almost two years as Trey hits the peak of his jam much earlier than had been customary.

Side note: February 6th is my birthday so this show will always be special for me.  This is the only February 6th Hood Phish ever played, and one of only two times Phish ever played on Feb. 6.