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1989-10-20 (Burlington, VT - The Front)

Date: 10-20-89

Location: The Front - Burlington, Vermont
Set Placement: Set 2 of 3
Time: 10:27
Section A: 2:32
Section B: 3:20
Section C: 4:35
My Rating (out of 5): 4

Notes: Saxophonists Dave Grippo and Russ Remington (2/3 of what would become the Giant Country Horns) join in on the fun for this Hood.  Section A contains the second instance of the “Odd Couple" theme tease, although this time, instead of Page, it’s the horn section providing the theme.  Section C is a bit of a novelty with the horns, and although it clocks in as the shortest section C since early 1987, it packs a lot of punch.