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1990-02-17 (Amherst, MA - UMass)

Date: 2-17-90

Location: Student Union Ballroom - University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Massachusetts
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 11:27
Section A: 1:52
Section B: 3:21
Section C: 6:14
My Rating (out of 5): 4.25

Notes: A standard section A is followed by one of the most flawless B sections the boys had played to this date.  You’ll notice specifically that Page is nice and loud in the mix and adds some nice color throughout.  The jam is stellar and features that signature climaxing, long-sustained note from Trey that until this performance of Hood hadn’t really found its place in this particular tune.

Side note: Phish had developed a relationship with Widespread Panic by this time.  Phish opened for Panic in Athens, Georgia earlier in the month and now it was Panic’s turn to open for Phish in the Northeast, as they did for this show at UMass.