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1990-05-06 (New Haven, CT. - Toad's Place)

Date: 5-6-90

Location: Toad’s Place - New Haven, Connecticut
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 12:26
Section A: 2:38
Section B: 3:23
Section C: 6:25
My Rating (out of 5): 4.25

Notes: The first of only four Connecticut Hoods (as of 3/12/11) is a fun one.  The little melody that Trey gets fixated on at the beginning of section C is hypnotizing.  Though the jam never fully glues as it did two weeks earlier in Colorado, it’s still the longest section C in a year and a stellar overall rendition in the midst of a great mini-era of Hoods.

Side note: A few seconds after Hood, Trey says, “Thank you… a little ditty about milk.”  Widespread Panic opened.

Outside Review: Posted by ZZYZX on Phish.net:

The show itself was during the Sunday of finals week at Yale. So the turnout was abysmal. Only about 50 people bothered to show. So during Widespread’s set, Trey was just hanging out. No one really harassed him either. WSP played for about 45 minutes and then Phish came on.