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1990-05-10 (Northampton, MA - Pearl Street Ballroom)

Date: 5-10-90

Location: Pearl Street Ballroom - Northampton, Massachusetts
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 11:56
Section A: 2:27
Section B: 3:21
Section C: 6:08
My Rating (out of 5): 4

Notes: The final Phish performance at this ballroom that they had played seven times in the course of about a year since their first show there 5-1-89.  Phish was growing in popularity across the United States— especially in New England— and as was a regular habit by this time,the group was outgrowing some of their regular rooms.

Though nothing particularly sticks out in the first two sections, this Hood soars in section C and is a nice send off to the Northamptoners, though it’s virtually a carbon copy of the previous Hood a few nights earlier at Toad’s.