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Date: 6-17-90

Location: Wendell Studio - Boston, Massachusetts
Set Placement: N/A
Time: 10:33
Section A: 2:05
Section B: 3:28
Section C: 5:00
My Rating (out of 5): N/A

Notes: Phish never released Harry Hood as a studio recording but they did record Harry Hood in a studio setting for a record that never was to be.  However, like all such things, it (along with the other 20-or-so songs from the session at Wendell Studio) leaked and has been available in trading circles on cassette and eventually on disc long before the widespread use of the internet.

As you’d probably expect, it’s about as vanilla as the song gets, but don’t forget that vanilla is a GOOD flavor of ice cream even without the hot fudge and sprinkles. 

(Hope I didn’t lose you on the ice cream analogy… it is a song about milk, after all.)