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1991-08-03 Larrabee Farm, a.k.a. Amy's Farm, Auburn. ME

Date: 8-3-91

Location: Larrabee Farm, A.K.A. “Amy’s Farm” - Auburn, Maine
Set Placement: second encore
Time: 11:38
Section A: 2:51
Section B: 3:24
Section C: 5:23
My Rating (out of 5): 4.5

Notes: My favorite Hood of ‘91 to this point.  Section A is opened up more than it had been recently, almost always a plus, section B is tight though perhaps not 100%, and the jam in section C sparkles.  Overall 1991 Hoods tend to be rather ordinary but this one is anything but.

Outside Review: by Charlie Dirksen of Phish.net and the Mockingbird Foundation fame:

Oh, to have been at this show!  A friend of mine heard about it and  told me about it, but no, I didn’t go.  What a dumbass I was.  I had  “to work.”  Like that was ever more important! ;^[  Phish won’t be  around forever, folks.. see ‘em while ya can. This Harry closed a great show (it was the second encore, after some scary DOL “tunes” …  I’m convinced he’s just an entertainer, like Fishman.. he couldn’t  possibly be singing stuff like this seriously.. or, well, I guess he’s serious about joking..).  The first seconds of this Hood are cut on my copy (the opening drums from Fish).  Very Police-Message in a Bottle-esque as usual.  Some spacey sustain from Trey, some piano noodlin from Page, some massive funky stuff from Mike, and some very eggae-ish, yet somewhat jazzy and chaotic stuff from Fish.  A great opening segment, in other words.  It ain’t boring..!

When they start singing Harry, they sound a bit tired.. ;) Long
f*cking day!! AGH!!! I DIDN’T Gooooooooo!!!!! Oh well.  I have a SBD-7 of this show, which doesn’t sound nearly as hissy as it should (was an upgrade for me, too, when I got it many moons ago).  This opening segment is fine, really, but you can tell, given the few somewhat slip-ups in the pre-ThankYouMrMinor segment, that they were pretty damn tired for this.. but they were still giving it one hell of an effort!  I would think it would sound much much MUCH worse.. but it is actually quite good.  Jam segment comes in around 6:20 or so (not precisely).  Trey doesn’t start this with the usual genteel noodlin.. he kinda funkily grooves first.. and then begins the quaint toolin around.  He almost teases the Linus and Lucy theme in here, perhaps unconsciously. ALMOST (he doesn’t play it.. don’t get excited.. that version is 4/18/92, reviewed below).  Yet another beautiful jam segment. I’ll say no more, and leave it to someone more inspired.  Damn.  I’m speechless.  If this is the boys when they are tired.. christ.  Ends at 11:48-ish.