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Date: 10-6-91

Location: Cochran Lounge - Macalester College - St. Paul, Minnesota
Set Placement: set 2 of 2
Time: 12:25
Section A: 3:11
Section B: 3:25
Section C: 5:49
My Rating (out of 5): 4.75

Notes: Minnesota’s first taste of Hood was a very good one.  The intro is stretched out more than it had been in about seven months and the section C jam is on point and stretched out as well giving Phish heads the longest Hood since 5-6-90 at Toad’s.  All around, a very solid performance, and my favorite Hood of ‘91.

Outside Review: by Rachelle on Phish.net:

The show was GREAT!!!!!!!! There were only like 300 people there and it was someplace that was SO familiar to me. It was a very intimate feeling. They started out with a killer Suzy and into Foam. It took a while, but everyone ended up dancing!! Being here in the Midwest not very many people had heard of Phish and a lot of people were really skeptical of the show. It was definitely a success!!! The majority of people loved it!!